Ganesh Yamraj

Owner / Medical Director

As a practicing physician, I have always appreciated a healthy lifestyle and promoted skin care. Originally from the British Virgin Islands and raised in California, I have witnessed the negative results of constant sun exposure. I have since researched and am excited to know that there are many ways to enjoy the sun and at the same time, maintain healthy skin.


Fun Fact: “I do not foresee myself ever skydiving in this lifetime.”

Angel Yamraj


After spending my adolescence as a “sun worshiper” I quickly realized how important skin health truly is. It is easy to not see the damage we are causing when we are constantly comparing ourselves to our idealistic self. I spent my mid/late 20’s in med spas learning how to care for my skin. After years of going out-of-town to achieve “my ideal skin” I finally decided to use my knowledge, my degree in cosmetology and my business skills to create a dream spa in my hometown.


Fun Fact: “I eat hot wings for almost every meal.”